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Julie Organizes 

Professional Organizing for YOUR life

...because life happens in the transitions.


Julie Organizes

Life Happens In the Transitions

The major milestones in life occur during the transitions.

First Home

New Family Members



Empty Nest



There are times across the lifespan when organizing becomes more than finding homes for your things.  It serves as a gap between your present life and your future.  Utilizing a coach who specializes in managing the logistics of life can make the process life changing.

You can organize your space as you move through your life transition, and when you're done you'll have a new space that welcomes you to your future!  

What I Do

I help you organize your home and clear out the clutter with live, virtual coaching calls from anywhere in the world. 

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Your Next Step Starts Here

Let's Talk

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation so I can learn more about you, your needs, and what you’re hoping to accomplish.  Together we can decide if we're a good fit, and want to move forward with the coaching program.

The Coaching Program

Do you love to utilize a coach?  I am here for you. You will schedule times via my calendar link to meet with me on a weekly basis.  We will review where you are in your project and answer any questions you may have.


I will provide organizing support,  and a  nonjudgemental space to sound out your ideas, create accountability,   and frameworks.  I will teach you step by step how to organize anything using my proven method!


What My Customers Think

My garage had a lot of clutter from moving, the items that come with the death of a parent, and a son who is almost on  his own.  With Julie's help, we cleared the garage, arranged zones, determined what to keep and what to donate, recycle or sell, and then got it arranged!


Julie was very enthusiastic about my project and we spent two sessions over a weekend organizing my classroom. She created homes and zones for supplies, and now when kids ask me were things are, I can tell them without missing a beat! Thanks Julie!


I wanted to say thank you.  I couldn't have done today without you.  For the first time since I moved in here I feel like this could actually feel like MY room.


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